Video Art Miden collaborates with MAMA Contemporary presenting a selection of video art works in the forthcoming exhibition “Symplexis” (Interweaving), which focuses on the relation between contemporary art and tradition and will take place in 3 regions of Paphos, Cyprus.

The exhibition is inspired by traditional arts in 3 villages of Paphos (Fyti, Mesogi, and Kissonerga). Tradition as an element of artistic research and creation is the basis axis of the exhibitions and activities which will take place highlighting the cultural heritage of the three regions.  Setting as a starting point the local production of silk, traditional baskets and fabrics, the exhibition deals with forms of “interweaving” between the traditional and contemporary arts, as well as investigating the coexistence and interaction between different cultural spheres.

The exhibition consists of 3 parts, presenting sculptural works, spatial installations, video art, painting and performance. Each part will take place in three different villages near Paphos: Kissonerga (Archeaological site “Mosphilia”), Fyti (Cultural Center), Mesogi (Cultural Center), opening October 29, November 6 and November 20, 2021 accordingly.

Organization/Curation/Coordination: Yioula Chatzigeorgiou, Sousana Anastasi, M.A.M.A Contemporary

In the frame of the exhibition, Video Art Miden participates presenting a selection of video art works, entitled “A link to the present” and curated by Gioula & Olga Papadopoulou. The selected works make use of various traditional art forms (cross-stitching, weaving, lacemaking, basketweaving), altering or deconstructing them and setting questions whether these traditional forms can find rebirth, obtain new meanings, new forms and new ways of communication. Can they be truly experienced again? Can art be the connecting thread, their link to the present? Participant artists: Milan Zulic, Evangelia Basdekis, Antigone Michalakopoulou, Fani Sofologi, Nikos Giavropoulos, Gioula & Olga Papadopoulou.

More info about the works and artists in Video Art Miden’s selection can be found here