Video Art Miden invites all video artists and video creators from all over the world to submit their videos for the next events & collaborations of Miden, which include screening events and video art exhibitions in Greece and internationally.

Entries are open until January 15, 2023

There is no entry fee.


There are no thematic or morphological restrictions, but the curatorial team of Video Art Miden is particularly interested in video art, video-performance, video-dance, experimental music videos, experimental animation.

Along with the general open call, Miden addresses a special call for a series of thematic tributes, inviting artists to contribute their personal view and conceptual approach on the following themes:

-“Shhhhh……” How do you experience silence? As a chance to get in contact with your inner self? As a withdrawal from the interaction with the others? As a connection with the others? What if you are condemned  in silence or it is a forced one?

-“Chasing my tail”

 -“True lies”

 -“Happiness is a warm gun” (the title is borrowed from the famous Beatles’ song)

-“To the Zoo”

-“Teen” (a showcase of video works for and/or from teenagers)

-“Fuck off

-Also, Video Art Miden inaugurates this year a new event, MidenTV. It will be a specialized festival for the presentation of music video clips of the alternative Greek music scene, aiming to present the best videos by talented young directors/artists. MidenTV is organized in collaboration with Bandapart Recording Studio in Kalamata.

Please read carefully the entry rules & regulations.



Deadline: Entry forms can be submitted electronically until January 15, 2023.

The call is open to every creator (individuals, groups or organizations) of any nationality and background.

There is no entry fee.


Duration of the submitted works preferably under 10 min.

Longer length videos may be selected in exceptional cases.


Any artist/group/organization may submit their works, without nationality, age or any other restriction.

Entry Form

Creators can send one or several proposals, filling in a separate entry form for each video.

The preview link (required in the form along with the password, if needed) must be a permanent URL for previewing the whole video. Links that have an expiration date or links that require a paid subscription to be viewed are not eligible.

The selection by the curatorial team will be made based on the preview links, so please note that the preview should not be just an excerpt or a trailer. When the selection process is complete, artists whose work is selected will be notified by e-mail (the e-mail that you submit in the electronic form) as soon as possible.



The selected artists will be asked to send us a screening copy and at least 1 video still (in best possible image quality) of the selected work within 10 days from the notification.  Videos should be sent electronically via any free upload/download service (e.g. wetransfer, dropbox, google drive or via your personal webspace) in the best possible quality for screening (low resolution copies or excerpts from the video will not be considered). Preferred format:  mp4, H.264, HD or full HD


In the following cases you may send us a message at festivalmiden[at]
• in case your work is long duration but you are interested in submitting it: please send us a preview and relative info (if selected, you will then be asked to fill in and sign an entry form)
• your video has not been completed, but is in a final stage by the end of the submission period: send us info and the estimated time you need to complete it.


• The curatorial team of Miden schedules and organizes various events & collaborations in Greece and other countries.
• For each event, the complete screening program, exact dates and places will be announced on time to the artists, posted on our website and published to the press & social media
• Selection and programming is decided only by the curatorial team of Video Art Miden and/or invited curators
• Video Art Miden has the right to reject a work without any further explanation
• Video Art Miden does not send printed material (poster, program etc.) to participant artists. Electronic material will be posted on Miden’s website
• Miden reserves the right to cancel, postpone or relocate a scheduled event or the entire schedule of events due to force majeure or other critical reasons, without any further obligations.



By submitting the entry form and/or sending your screening copy, you declare that you are the owner or legal representative of all copyrights of the work and that you undertake all legal & economic responsibility for any legal and copyright issues arising from the presentation of your work.
Also, by submitting your work you accept the festival’s regulations and permit:
• the free presentation of the proposed video in Video Art Miden 2023 events and collaborations and/or in future screenings, presentations and events organized, co-organised or curated by Video Art Miden, in physical spaces and online
• the use of the submitted video (or part of it) for promotional purposes (eg TV broadcast) and trailers
• publication of video stills extracted from the video in printed material, our website/social media and press media
• publication of the texts enclosed to the proposal (cv, synopsis, production info etc.) in printed material, our website/social media and press media
• the use of contact info of the artists for notifications and newsletters about their participation and the events of Video Art Miden
• archival, non-profit usage of the proposed video by Video Art Miden

Please read carefully the entry rules & regulations. By submitting your work, you automatically accept all rules & regulations of Video Art Miden.

Contact |Info: festivalmiden[at]