TWIXTlab invites Video Art Miden to take part in an online program of events for May with reference to the pandemic situation we are experiencing lately. Starting from 10/05, a series of interventions by invited artists and theorists as well as collaborators and members of TWIXTlab will take place.

Video Art Miden will open TWIXTlab program on 10/05/20, 17.00 pm and it will present the online video selection Confession, curated by Margarita Stavraki.


Confession_ Curated by Margarita Stavraki

Video Art comes to play the role of partner, confessor, psychotherapist and tells us about man’s deepest desires, anxieties and failures from his childhood to his old age. The relationship of the “I” with oneself, with others and all that is evident by one’s daily life, his present, his future and his past, his life in essence.


Hamza Kırbaş, Powerism, Turkey 2018, 3.00

Katina Bitsicas, Luci: The Girl with Three Hearts, USA 2019, 8.12

Caroline Rumley, Right Turn, USA 2018, 6.00

Asmaa Gamal, Life of routine , Egypt 2019, 1.00

Shir Handelsman, Morendo, Israel 2018, 6.45

Aleksandra Młynarczyk-Gemza, Conversation with Mother, Poland 2017, 1.50

Kostas Gourtzis, Son, Greece 2016, 2.35

Esmeralda Momferratou, Truths, USA 2012, 2.40

Stefania Latsi, Another grandma, Greece 2019,2.45

Vojtěch Domlátil, Life in Patterns, Czech Republic 2017,2.00

Marta Arjona & Alexia Pascual, L’aroma de la terra mullada li sembla més dolça que mai, Spain 2019, 4.57

Kai Welf Hoyme, Magnitude, Germany 2019, 10.22


More info (with artists’ bios) here


The video selection will play from May 10, 2020, 17.00 and until the end of the month in the following link: