As part of the Erasmus+ educational program “Active student-Active citizen”, Video Art Miden collaborates with the 2nd Junior High School of Kalamata presenting contemporary video art works from all over the world to high school students.

Video Art Miden smoothly introduces contemporary art creation to young students through three video art selections from its 2018 program – an animation selection, a video-dance selection and a mixed video art selection.

Margarita Stavraki, Art director of Video Art Miden curates the presentation, as well as the introductory lessons in video art.

Erasmus+ “Active student-Active citizen” // Program coordinator:  2nd Junior High School of Kalamata // Partners: Germany, Lithuania, Slovenia, Romania



Freeze Frame

Curated by Stavros Kapetis  || Duration: 46min

Artists: Daniel Bernhardt, Max Hattler, Rodrigo Faustini, Pavel Matoušek, Christian Noelle Charles, Tomislav Findrik, Soheil Seraji and Amin Djavadi, Anton Hecht, Michael Vazikas, Marianna Milhorat, Anna Beata Baranska & Michal Baranski, Patricia Bentancur, Antonello Matarazzo, Adrián Regnier

Analog Vs digital. Analog frame, analog motion, analog rhythm, analog story telling Vs digital life, our life.

  1. Daniel Bernhardt, Eyes everywhere, Austria2018,  4.41
  2. Max Hattler, Divisional Articulations, China 2017, 4.33
  3. Rodrigo Faustini, Boy transcoded from Phosphene, Brazil 2017, 2.03
  4. Pavel Matoušek, Jn 1:1, Czech Republic 2013, 3.11
  5. Christian Noelle Charles, CC TIME – PROCRASTINATION TIME, UK 2017, 2.28
  6. Tomislav Findrik, Oyashio, Croatia 2017, 4.29
  7. Soheil Seraji and Amin Djavadi, the poem of time, Iran 2017, 1.43
  8. Anton Hecht, Dummy Run, UK 2016, 2.18
  9. Michael Vazikas, LUNACY, Greece 2016, 3.17
  10. Marianna Milhorat (Film) & Brian Kirkbride (Sound), Sky Room, USA 2017, 5.55
  11. Anna Beata Baranska & Michal Baranski, Open structure!, Poland 2018, 1.05
  12. Patricia Bentancur, Untitled, (play), Uruguay 2014, 2.17
  13. Antonello Matarazzo, POLITIK, Italy 2017, 2.08
  14. Adrián Regnier, ‘Y.’, Mexico 2016, 5.00


 vDance_poses, movements  and short narratives

Curated by Margarita Stavraki  ||  Duration: 70min

Artists: Izabella Retkowska, Marta Arjona & Mei Casabona, Aliki Chiotaki, Daphna Mero, Fran Orallo, Gaetano Maria Mastrocinque, Johannes  Christopher Gérard, Dancevacuum dance company-Vicky Vassilopoulou, Same As Sister/Briana Brown-Tipley & Hilary Brown & Aitor Mendilibar, Cecilia Seaward, Stefano Croci & Luca Veggett

A video selection where poses and movements turn to dance and poetry. The dance is sometimes physical and other times a result of the processing of moving image. The surrounding space is sometimes real, defined and it stimulates the dance, and other times it is digital and neutral, in order to make us concentrate absolutely on the motion of the bodies. Dance, movement and pose are a primordial need of man, which is involved in the digital age.

  1. Izabella Retkowska, Inertness, Poland 2016, 1.10
  2. Marta Arjona & Mei Casabona, X-TREM, Spain 2016, 5.24
  3. Aliki Chiotaki, Cipher, Greece 2017, 1.18
  4. Daphna Mero, Selfiesism – Dance Duet, Israel & USA 2017, 5.03
  5. Fran Orallo, the chaos theory, UK 2018, 3.40
  6. Gaetano Maria Mastrocinque, Argille, Italy 2016, 5.47
  7. Johannes  Christopher Gérard, Night, Street, Lantern, Pharmacy, Russia 2017, 4.51
  8. Dancevacuum dance company-Vicky Vassilopoulou, Handmade, Greece 2018, 8.11
  9. Same As Sister/Briana Brown-Tipley & Hilary Brown & Aitor Mendilibar, Odd Jewels: Beauty Under Mask, USA 2018, 8.26
  10. Cecilia Seaward, Recollect, USA 2016, 2.40
  11. Stefano Croci & Luca Veggett, SCENARIO, Italy 2017, 22.00


Scenes from an unwritten fairytale

Curated by Gioula Papadopoulou  || Duration: 46min

Artists: Patricia Bentancur, Rita Casdia, Ana Brotas & Xavier Ovídio, Maria Korporal, Sven Windszus, Chen Wang, Segovan, Natasha Cantwell, Pablo-Martín Córdoba, Juan Alonso, Alva Morgenstern, Alva Morgenstern, Mary Savva, Yuri Dorokhin

The videos in this program take us, through various types and techniques of video art and many different narratives, to colorful fairy-tale worlds, sometimes playful and sometimes dark, with an eerie tone.

  1. Patricia Bentancur, Untitled, (play), Uruguay 2014, 2.17
  2. Rita Casdia, It’s you, Italy 2017, 2.35
  3. Ana Brotas & Xavier Ovídio, Living Forms, Portugal 2017, 3.10
  4. Maria Korporal, Dust Thou Art, Germany 2017, 3.32
  5. Sven Windszus, PURE WHITE, Germany 2017, 3.00
  6. Chen Wang, Utopia Process, USA 2018, 4.34
  7. Segovan, Khoros (3), France/Canada 2018, 2.40
  8. Natasha Cantwell, Spinneret, Australia 2018, 1.40
  9. Pablo-Martín Córdoba, Paris-Saint-Lazare Station, April 10, 2017, 12h03-12h07, France 2017, 4.26
  10. Juan Alonso & Nicolás Rico, Focãris, Colombia 2014, 2.56
  11. Alva Morgenstern, Happily Ever After, Austria 2017, 7.17
  12. Mary Savva, broken, Greece 2017, 4.10
  13. Yuri Dorokhin / REC Studio, Baikal-Totem, Russia 2017, 3.57