Video Art Miden is hosted by the Ibrida festival in Forli, Italy. Video Art Miden will present the video dance selection “vDance: poses, movements and short narratives”, curated by Margarita Stavraki, at the Marmo – Libreria d’arte Contemporanea exhibition hall from April 28 to May 11, 2019.

Ibrida is a festival dedicated to intermedia arts related to video. It was born in 2016, in Forlì, Italy, to spread the culture of video art and all its declinations: video performance, video dance, experimental videos, and animation. It also host live performances mixed with video. The festival is curated by Francesca Leoni and Davide Mastrangelo, that are also video artists and film directors, with the collaboration of Piero Degiovanni, art critic and professor of Bologna’s fine arts academy.

The selection of Video Art Μiden is:

vDance: poses, movements and short narratives

Curated by Margarita Stavraki

Duration: 70 min

A video selection where poses and movements turn to dance and poetry. The dance is sometimes physical and other times a result of the processing of moving image. The surrounding space is sometimes real, defined and it stimulates the dance, and other times it is digital and neutral, in order to make us concentrate absolutely on the motion of the bodies. Dance, movement and pose are a primordial need of man, which is involved in the digital age.

  1. Izabella Retkowska, Inertness, Poland 2016, 1.10
  2. Marta Arjona & Mei Casabona, X-TREM, Spain 2016, 5.24
  3. Aliki Chiotaki, Cipher, Greece 2017, 1.18
  4. Daphna Mero, Selfiesism – Dance Duet, Israel & USA 2017, 5.03
  5. Fran Orallo, the chaos theory, UK 2018, 3.40
  6. Gaetano Maria Mastrocinque, Argille, Italy 2016, 5.47
  7. Johannes Christopher Gérard, Night, Street, Lantern, Pharmacy, Russia 2017, 4.51
  8. Dancevacuum dance company-Vicky Vassilopoulou, Handmade, Greece 2018, 8.11
  9. Same As Sister/Briana Brown-Tipley & Hilary Brown and Aitor Mendilibar, Odd Jewels: Beauty Under Mask, USA 2018, 8.26
  10. Cecilia Seaward, Recollect, USA 2016, 2.40
  11. Stefano Croci & Luca Veggetti, SCENARIO, Italy 2017, 22.00

Artist’s Bios and description of the works here

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