The video-program “Game Over“, which was initially screened at Miden events last July in Kalamata, GR, will be exhibited at the online platform VisualcontainerTV ( from April 21 to May 23, 2017.

VisualcontainerTV  is an International Videoart Web Channel which operates since 2009, screening contemporary videoart programs from festivals and organizations from all over the world in real time and available to all enthusiast and professional audiences, online 24/7, with special monthly exhibitions. The platform is entirely devoted to the international videoart world and is welcoming videoart projects and festivals under the care of curators and festival directors, interview and monograph programs, on invitation only. It’s an ambitious cultural project which serves as a bridge between videoart projects and videoart audiences worldwide, directed by Italian curator Alessandra Arnò. VisualcontainerTV has presented about 45 “best of” from festivals and videoart projects, 13 monographs and interviews since 2009.


Game Over  [46 min]

Curated by Maria Bourika

“Stay or fly away?”. “Superm’s diary-chapter 03”. “Shark”. “Stability tests”… Could be titles from video games? Time, space, narrative, rules… every game depends on the understanding of the player-viewer and how he experiences the game. Viewers are invited to respond to the “Game Over” videos as levels of a game and create their own end.

  1. Maria Korporal, Stay or fly away?, Germany 2015, 0.49
  2. Tahir Ün, The Game, Turkey 2013, 2.55
  3. Teymur Daimi,  Window, Azerbaijan 2015, 11.22
  4. Aggeliki Bozou, Superm’s diary-Chapter 03: You and I, Greece  2015, 4.35
  5. Cristina Pavesi, Stability tests #2, Italy 2015, 2.30
  6. Sávio Leite, Arrudas, Brazil 2015, 0.35
  7. Sylviatoyindustries/Sylvia Toy St. Louis, Passages, a Myth, Festival Cutting: The Discovery of the Pregnancy of the King, USA 2016, 1.34
  8. Alan Butler, Haifisch, Los Santos 2016, 12.42
  9. Kuesti Fraun, RollCalli, Germany 2015, 1.00
  10. Mauricio Sanhueza, The Duel, Peru 2014, 3.35
  11. Mikhail Basov, Out of Autofocus, Russia 2016, 2.03
  12. Kuesti Fraun, Schael Sitt, Germany 2014, 2.20


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