Video Art Miden participates at the 2nd Balkan Can Kino Film Symposium, in Athens, presenting the videoart program “In between: passages and (de/)monumentalisations“, curated by Sofia Grigoriadou.

The 2nd Balkan Can Kino Film Symposium, under the theme Localities, will take place in Athens, from October 4 to 12, 2019.

Video Art Miden‘s program will be exhibited at Gallery MEME (Keramikou 28, Athens), 4-6 of October 2019 (18.00-22.00).


Sofia Grigoriadou curates for Video Art Miden a selection of video art works that focus on public space in a broad sense, observing familiar and unfamiliar places and urban sceneries, highlighting the “global” through the “local”. Places and urbanscapes that, while located in different parts of the globe, reveal landscapes and images familiar to all of us, which are transformed, through the individual and personalized gaze of each artist, into experiences that reach the boundaries of the surrealist and the metaphysical. Wandering, through the works, from place to place, the viewers are invited to reflect on their own location and the way they see, perceive and observe the public space in relation to themselves.

Sofia Grigoriadou notes about the selection: “A series of videos focusing on in-between situations and spaces. Some of them are concerned with what is promoted and what is silenced in public urban space, while others suggest transitions that reflect on and disrupt  both polarities and boundaries between private and public, familiar and unfamiliar, monumental and the anti-monument.”


Participant artists/works: 

  1. Aurèle Ferrier, TRANSITIONS, Switzerland 2017, 12.48
  2. Di Hu, Passage, China 2016, 11.11
  3. Wojciech Gilewicz, Sculptures, USA/Poland 2017, 9.00
  4. François Roux, Delayed Boomerang, France 2015, 2.08
  5. Przemek Wegrzyn, Practice, Poland 2016, 10.00


Download the detailed program of Video Art Miden screenings here

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