In the frame of the celebrations of the European Cultural Heritage Days 2019, the Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation invites Video Art Miden to present the video art selection never promised you real garden”, curated by Gioula Papadopoulou, at the Open Air Water-Power Museum, in Dimitsana (Greece).

The screenings will take place September 27- October 6, 10:00-18:00 (everyday except Tuesdays).


How happy are you in your virtual paradise? 12 video-artists from the Netherlands, Italy, Ukraine, Lithuania, France, Finland, Germany, Sweden, Chile and USA create (or decompose) natural and artificial paradise gardens, exploring the concept of individual and collective paradise, as recorded through a timeless fantasy in mythology, religion and art.

All the works in this unit create the sense of a walk in a garden where everything can happen and at the same time everything dissolves like in a dream. Nature, beauty, destruction and rebirth coexist poetically and symbolically in a sequence of images that the viewer is invited to synthesize in his own experience and interpretation and outline his own personal “virtual paradise”.


I never promised you a real garden || Curated by Gioula Papadopoulou


1. Cristina Pavesi, Calla, Italy 2016, 1.18

2. Marlijn Franken, If Only.., The Netherlands 2013, 4.03

3. Tania Bohuslavska, Autumn, Ukraine 2016, 1.50

4. Víctor Ballesteros, Night Comes, Canada/Chile 2011, 5.16

5. Hwayong Jung, Euphoria, USA 2014, 5.23

6. Ana B. & Nuno M. Pereira, The Kingdom, Portugal 2013, 2.39

7. Avaspo & Solveiga Serova, Chess Queen, Lithuania/UK 2013, 7.08

8. Tessa Ojala, Intolerance, Finland 2015, 2.39

9. Era Vati, Crossing, Germany 2011, 3.19

10. Yana Sakellion, Pereselenije Moviement IV, USA 2013, 4.50

11. Eva Olsson, Takeoff, Sweden 2013, 2.14

12. Boris Labbé, Danse macabre, France 2013, 16.09


You may download the detailed program here

Info about the Open Air Water-Power Museum here