Video Art Miden collaborates once more with the Spanish digital arts festival Espacio Enter, which will take place at TEA (Tenerife Espacio de las Artes), Tenerife, from 24 to 27 of August 2017, presenting the videoart program In Wonderland, curated by Nikos Podias.

A land of wonders where ingrained rules have ceased to exist. A whole world which can simultaneously be dreamy and real, romantic and tough, beautiful and ugly. This is the land where butterflies have a human face, fear gets confused with charm, time can be stopped, mirrors distort our image, there is always a secret hidden in the woods, the beginning and the end tangle, cats fly high, excess is considered little, myths get involved with fairytales and good fights evil like a sensitive robot fights a giant octopus.

  1. Yuliya Lanina, Theme and Variations, USA 2013, 10.28
  2. Carla Chan, Black moves, Germany 2016, 2.35
  3. Natalie Plaskura, Faint, Germany 2014, 5.58
  4. Kirill Savateev, Д, Russia 2016, 2.17
  5. Isabel Perez del Pulgar, Opus III Desespoir du singe, France 2015, 8.10
  6. Rick Niebe, Mannequin, Italy 2016, 8.52
  7. Mauricio Sanhueza, Nyan Cat (Psycho Cat), Peru 2015, 1.54
  8. Daniel Moshel, MeTube 2: August Sings Carmina Burana, Austria 2016, 5.42
  9. Maria Korporal, Give us back our shadows, Germany 2014, 6.46
  10. Stephanie Winter, Tristes Deserts – A Robot’s Tale, Austria 2015, 8.18


More info and the complete program of Espacio Enter 2017 can be found here: