Rethymno Days” presents Video Art Miden in Rethymno, island of Crete (GR), hosting two videoart programs at the historic Venetian Church of Hagia Sophia in the historic center of the city, from 20 to 27 of May 2024.

The first videoart program that will be presented in the Venetian Church of Hagia Sophia from 20/05/2024 to 23/05/2024, 19:30-22:30 is titled “Inverse”: A selection of different approaches and expressions in video art by contemporary Greek artists, curated by Gioula & Olga Papadopoulou.

  1. Katerina Katsifaraki, Dance, Greece 2021, 2.14
  2. Vasilios Papaioannu, Parenthesis, USA 2021, 37
  3. Stelios Dexis & Myrto Vounatsou, Your last shell, Greece 2022, 4.07
  4. Angelina Voskopoulou, Behind this page but not disappearing, Greece-Germany 2015, 8.10
  5. Evi Stamou & Pietro Radin, Études, Greece 2022, 8.26
  6. Zefi Athanasopoulou, over again, choreography of a folding sculpture in time, Greece 2021, 1.51
  7. Dimitra Mitsaki, The Other Moon, Greece 2021, 9.45
  8. Fani Sofologi, The Illustrated Narration of Everyday Life, Greece 2012, 6.00
  9. Yiannis Pappas, Requiem For A Tree, Germany 2023, 9.14
  10. Fenia Kotsopoulou, 50000Touches_excerpt#4, UK 2022, 5.00
  11. Olga Papadopoulou, 2020’s dress code, Greece, 2022, 1.23
  12. Magda Lampropoulou, Seeing the metronome of the silence, Greece 2023, 4.18

Duration: 67 min, in a loop.

Website (in Greek):

The second program that will be screened in the Venetian Church of Hagia Sophia from 24/05/2024 to 27/05/2024, 19:30-22:30 is titled “Moving”: A scenery of movement and multiple ideas… A selection of videos dedicated to videodance and videoperformance, which explores the various versions of body, movement and space, curated by Margarita Stavraki.

  1. Vangelis Papaevangeliou, TERRA PERSONAS, Greece 2022, 6.09
  2. Jiaqi Liu, Song of a Lonely Bird, a Re-Creation, United States 2020, 1.03
  3. Mena Rusciano, “S.o.s.pesi” (Suspended), Italy 2020, 3.00
  4. Denise Vinco Furlan, Pachamama ritual energy, Italy 2022, 2.28
  5. Flavia Mazzanti, N E X U M, Austria 2021, 5.00
  6. Iris Fousteri, there’s a (w)hole, Greece 2019, 5.09
  7. Ioanna Paraskevopoulou, Land Blooms, Greece 2021, 3.29
  8. Dominik Bais, Moving Monuments, Germany 2021, 4.20
  9. Lisha Nie, Endlessly Idle with Time, United States 2019, 7.00
  10. Dasha Lyubimova, UNSEEN, Kazakhstan 2020, 3.18
  11. Miloushka Bokma, The Power of Paralysis, Netherlands 2021, 7.03

Duration: 48 min, in a loop.

Website (in Greek):


“Rethymno Days” is an attempt to create a cultural framework with the aim of meeting between emerging as well as established creators and artists, who either have their base in Crete or are active outside Crete, but also outside Greece.

The main axis and purpose of the “Rethymno Days” cultural meetings is the utilization of the cultural heritage both at the level of daily life management and as a development tool focusing on the monuments and the historical physiognomy of the city of Rethymno.

The basic form of planning these meetings includes the highlighting of the historical and natural monuments of our city based on cultural actions – in other words, the “use” of public space as a core of cultural and artistic action but also the highlighting of local monuments not simply as historical monuments but as places of modern creation and culture.

In this sense, the “Rethymno Days” cultural meetings are aiming to promote culture, contemporary creation and the history of the old city through art exhibitions, concerts, theatrical events, discussions and also through the interaction of the artists and public in the historical and public space.