Video Art Miden has been invited to collaborate once more with PROYECTOR festival in Madrid, by presenting a special selection from this year’s edition of Miden.

PROYECTOR festival will take place in various venues in Madrid, from 6 to 17 of September 2023. Video Art Miden is part of the international guest festivals program, where festivals PLAY from Argentina and FONLAD from Portugal also take part. The screening is scheduled to take place on 15 of September 2023, 16:00-18:00 h, at Sala Alcalá 31 (Madrid).

Video Art Miden presents a selection entitled Pending, curated by Gioula & Olga Papadopoulou.

The selection deals with political and social issues, bringing under the microscope the vague language of politics versus real life. The political is personal and the personal is political. Each one of the selected videos unveils both of these layers and aspects of reality, highlighting the social dimension of the personal experience under certain political and social conditions but also the distance between the decision centers and the real life of the people. Empty words, fear, memories of war, synthetic worlds, hope, and the story of a little girl “who became the moon” and made us face ourselves when we look at her, combine in this selection to give us a “screenshot” and a short description of our world.

Participant artists:

Miguel Rozas Balboa, THE STATE, Belgium 2021, 3.13

Meshy Koplevitch, 73, Israel 2021, 13.00

Yiorgos Drosos, Fireburnt cities: Kabul and other stories of the East, Greece 2022, 6.36

Dimitra Mitsaki, The Other Moon, Greece 2021, 9.45


More info and artists’ bios can be found here

More info about PROYECTOR, as well as updates about this year’s events, can be found on the official website of the organization:

More info about the event here