Video Art Miden presents a special collaborative project, conceived, coordinated and directed by Emmanouela Vogiatzaki Krukowski (multidisciplinary artist and member of the teaching staff of the University of Peloponnese/ Theater Studies, in Greece), titled “Forced Memories”.

Forced Memories” is an international domestic tele-video-performance art project created in order to unite the emotions and memories of locked down artists from around the world in the middle of the pandemic. This project has been created as a reaction to the unique human isolation that the planet went through during Covid-19 crisis. Artists from Greece, Canada, Argentina, Sweden, UK, and France inspired by Samuel Beckett’s confined and socially disabled characters, each decided to perform the sentiments of their memories during Covid-19 trying all together to sculpture the One human of nowadays; attempting to envision the One human after the locked down. This artwork will be a contemporary «memory recorder» of a global human; a lonely, locked down universal individual. All these memories, created by a team of artists, are merged and interconnected, come to life and die on an electronic platform, in an intangible place to seek communication and create a contact with their untouchable global world, before the arrival of their oblivion.

Forced Memories” is a study in surrealism; an attempt towards the freedom, a human effort to escape from her/his own prisons. In a locked-up globe, our memory cannot be free. We needed to experience a pandemic in order to realize it; and this is surreal. We are obedient global citizens fed by mass media and raised as agents who transmit images and expectations. We have always been locked up, raised with forced memories and choices that we have never decided for ourselves. “Forced Memories” is a project that seeks to create the human with free recollections. Isn’t this surreal?

The performance art event will take place on the 11th of July 2020 at 21.00 Greek time. The artists will stream their artwork via ZOOM Webinar platform and will be there for an open discussion with their audience. Audience may book their spot to the free event on Eventbrite portal or on Zoom portal or at the project’s website here.

After the first screening of the event, Video Art Miden will host the video of the collaborative performance on Miden’s youtube channel, from July 15 to August 30, 2020.


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