PaperCut, a festival dedicated to rare books and paper, will take place 9-10-11 of May at Romantso, Athens (GR). On May 11th, 20:30h, Video Art Miden will present 2 video art programs, entitled Shhhhh…… #1 & #2, curated by Martha Zoupa.

How do we conceive silence?
As an introspection?
As a withdrawal?
As a way to connect with the others?
Silence as a protest,
as a punishment,
as a sign of respect,
silence in the noise…

The selection presents video works from 26 artists from all over the world:
Fenia Kotsopoulou, Gabriele Rossi, Matias Borgström, Natasha Cantwell, Johannes Christopher Gerard-Jana Schmück, Shuochun Xiang (p:d), Jil Guyon, Nirmal Raja, Yoel Peled, Marina Fomenko, Julija Tioli, Pedro Milagres, Barbara Serafim, Maciek Stepniewski, Christopher Tym, Nur ilia Muliukova, Aspasia Kazeli, ACCI BABA, Natalie Brück, Zhou Hongxiang, Lukas Horbow, Dasha Likhaia, Stefanos Theodoropoulos, Tabor Idema, Alexandra Hubinska, Tessel Schmidt

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