After recent lockdown, which signed on global level the end of the world as we knew it, artists and intellectuals are trying to tune in to the upcoming new. As always, in every period of time, In the new upcoming era there is a need for all of us to be active, each one in his/her own field, in order to understand first, and then to think of ‘what’ we want, and ‘how’ to make it possible for the future.

During recent quarantine, we all have experienced an increase of artworks in digital online forms that reached an unprecedented number of global population. Artists working in the digital field for many decades now, became the protagonists of our era. This is the reason for seizing the opportunity to further underline their work and to give space to their own voices; to their vision, questions and choices, their perspectives and problems during working with digital media, as well as their hopes and fears for the new world that is based on intermediality and new conditions for embodiment and touch.

In the last months Video Art Miden has turned its 13th Festival edition, initially organised to be held in Kalamata, into a monthly online version, presenting each time different selections of video art. As all artists facing this challenge, the team of Video Art Miden is trying not only to transfer its initial Festival’s edition into an online form but to approach audience and artists by rethinking the new digital conditions of presentation, by reconceptualising the duration of screenings and availability of works, and by envisaging anew how to contextualise this presentation. At this point the initiative by Steriani Tsintziloni (dance curator and researcher) for short interviews with video-dance artists and collaborators of Miden, found our warm support.

Steriani Tsintziloni & Margarita Stavraki (Artistic Director of Video Art Miden who focused her interest on Video Dance since the first years of the Festival and initiated a special section for it) jointly co-curated a series of interviews, providing a chance to the audience to comprehend and enjoy differently the online video material. Finally, these interviews offer another framing and create an opportunity for the artists and the artworld to reflect at this new epoch.

Read/download the interviews here