Amid hard and overall decadence and despite economic difficulties, Festival Miden vividly returned at the Historic Centre of Kalamata to present its new program of contemporary videoart. 2012 edition of Festival Miden took place at Kalamata’s Historic Centre (Amfeias square) on 5-6-7 of July, with free entrance for the public as always.

During its 3day events the festival presented 216 videoworks from 45 countries, selected out of more than 1500 video-entries.

The festival’s thematic programs included “[Un]natural disaster”, “There’s a room in the elephant”, “99%”, “YOU & I”, “StayStill”, “Dream a little dream”, “How to Art”, “2084”, “Locall calling!” and “Now you see me… now you don’t”, curated by the festival’s team.

Along with it’s own selections, the festival presented special tributes to significant festivals, platforms & groups from Greece & abroad. Foreign festivals featured this year were: Art:screen (Sweden), Nova (Nordic Countries), Atopia (Norway), CologneOFF/ Cologne International Videoart Festival (Germany) and Madatac (Spain).

Furthermore, two very interesting parallel events were realised: the presentation of “Animacall”, an international project by Contemporary Art Centre of Thessaloniki (State Museum of Contemporary Art), at the Archaeological Museum of Messenia, while later in July one more program dedicated to animation, entitled “Anim[n]ation”, was screened in the context of the 6th Kalamata Street Festival, organized by the Youth Center of Kalamata at the Railway Park.

Festival Miden 2012 was curated by Gioula Papadopoulou and Giorgos Dimitrakopoulos while Stavros Kapetis curated “[Un]natural disaster” and Maria Bourika curated “YOU & I”.

Download press release here
Download the complete screening program in English here (or view it on issuu here)
Download the printed version (Greek language only) of the program here

You may have a look at the printed (Greek) version of the program here:

Participant artists – Program 2012

Screening A

Thursday 5 July, Amfeia’s Square, 9.30 p.m.

[Un]natural disaster

Human mania, personal tragedies, everyday “paranoia”, natural disasters in an …unnatural way and with a
sterile and bleak future as a background.

1. Justine Cook, The Roads May Rise, UK 2011, 2.17

2. Gregg Biermann, Crop Duster Octet, USA 2011, 5.30

3. Rebecca Agnes, An Unbroken Line, Germany 2009, 6.00

4. Matthew McWilliams & Neal Vandenbergh, Green Mamba Jet Car, USA 2011, 3.20

5. Lee Hunter, The City that Made My Future, USA 2011, 6.40

6. Victor Fischl, Absurd News, UK 2012, 2.52

7. Anna Vasof, Commercial Break, Greece 2011, 9.19

8. Filipe André Alves, Fazedor de Nuvens, Portugal 2010, 1.12

9. Tessa Garland, Above the Skyline, UK 2011, 6.04

10. MOBTIK, Capacities, Germany 2011, 0.09

Duration: 41 min

There’s a room in the elephant

There’s something happening here but you don’t know what it is or more precisely you pretend you
don’t know. It’s something so obvious, so omnipresent and inescapable, but you insist to ignore it. Yet,
there is plenty of room…

1. Greta Alfaro, In Ictu Oculi, Spain 2009, 10.3

2. Poly Kokkinia, Homage to Magritte, Greece 2009, 2.16

3. Mary Zygouri, Long live the king, Greece-Italy 2010, 2.40

4. Theodoros Zafeiropoulos, Stepping on the log, USA 2009, 3.14

5. Andreas Savva, Get Ready (Again) – Nikosia Airport, Cyprus 2011, 2.20

6. Andreas Sitorengo, Anydria, Greece 2010, 0.30

Duration: 22 min


From the global movement “Occupy” that spontaneously adopted the percentage 99% as a starting point,
minimum political platform, frame and analysis, advancing it at the same time into a central political slogan
and call to subversion, we pass through its creative diffusion into partial issues, personal and simultaneously
collective, local and simultaneously global, to the transcending and often arbitrary paths of videoart.

1. Danilo Torre, Inaudible fragment, Italy 2012, 5.46

2. Diran Lyons, Live Free Or Die Hard (Project 12, 8/12), USA 2011, 1.12

3. James Gouldthorpe, Peppermint Bay, USA 2012, 3.38

4. Joacelio Batista, If I shut up inside myself, why my ears are closed to the outside?, Brazil 2012, 2.55

5. Jorge Catoni, V Side, Chile 2009, 3.15

6. Felix Fernandez, 33, Spain/USA 2012, 5.36

7. Derviches Associes, Do not forget, France 2009, 8.40

8. Chloe Mazlo & Berengere Henin, Expressions Carnivores, France 2010, 4.39

9. Alessia Travaglini, Silenziosa-Mente, Italy 2011, 5.00

10. Ana Mendes, Purification, Portugal 2010, 3.24

11. Edward Salem, Mithajibat Women Washing the Brothel Storefront, France 2011, 2.54

12. Anna Vasof, Today there is no Today, Austria 2012, 5.56

13. Mario Santamaria, Modelcam, Spain 2011, 1.45

14. Danae Papaioannou, DAPHNE (not in your eyes), France/Greece 2011, 3.48

15. Alicja Rogalska, Untitled (Broniow Song), Poland 2011, 4.52

Duration: 63 min

Friday 6 July, Amfeia’s Square, 9.30 p.m.

YOU & i

A program that highlights you (in capital letters) and shrinks the “i” (in lowercase form)? Interpersonal relations, subversions, conflicts that move from loneliness to humor and from cruelty to playfulness. Is it a matter of winning?>

1. Andres Cuartas, Fountain, Colombia 2011, 0.46

2. Carolin Weinert, The fall, Germany 2008, 9.47

3. Ioanna Myrka, daily 7, Greece 2002, 1.00

4. Kim Yunna, You and Me, US/Korea 2011, 3.22

5. Aggeliki Bozou, Sacrifice, Greece 2011, 4.41

6. Evy Schubert, Penthesilea (Pathology), Germany 2011, 8.47

7. Mario Spiroglou, Teddy Burn, Greece 2011, 7.32

8. Christina Stratsiani, Dress, Greece 2011, 1.44

9. Ellen Wilkinson, Ciara Mahon & Laura Bel, That’s all it took, UK 2008, 1.43

Duration: 40 min


Personal worlds that perpetually intercross creating intimate and social relations and back to personal
worlds again. Threads being unraveled while maintained in a strange stillness defying their even more
strange environment.

1. Teeter-totter-tam (Constantine Konovalov & Irina Neustroeva), Teeter-Totter-Tam, Russia 2010, 1.00

2. Hillerbrand+Magsamen, DIY Love Seat, USA 2011, 2.30

3. Thanasis Tsimpinis, MINE, Greece 2012, 3.00

4. Munir Waked, In Between, Israel/UK 2011, 2.39

5. Yu-Chi Hsiao, Under the surface series 1, Taiwan 2011, 2.51

6. Nina Kurtela, TRANSFORMANCE, Germany/Croatia 2010, 8.15

7. Leyla Rodriguez & Cristian Straub, Isle Of Lox “The Face” Germany 2010, 3.54

Duration: 25 min

Dream a little dream

Contemporary animation in the era of internet becomes even more popular among creators and audience alike. Original techniques and polymorphous approaches in works that have a strong intention of outlining a personal universe.

1. Shayma Aziz, Love Dance, Egypt 2011, 5.05

2. Yam Lau, Rehearsal, Canada 2010, 3.45

3. Melinda Šefcic, Masks – Mirror of my soul, Croatia 2012, 3.36

4. Karolien Soete, Prolegomena, Belgium 2011, 7.32

5. Anna Ampariotou, Scissor’s stories III, Greece 2011, 5.34

6. Eva Olsson, On non-freehold property, Sweden 2011, 3.02

7. Dennis Stein-Schomburg, Different, Germany 2011, 4.30

8. Joanna Kidd, Letters, USA 2010, 1.45

9. Maria Korporal, Avgerinos & Poulia, Italy 2011, 7.00

10. Sofia Archontidou, Tree, Poland/Greece 2009, 1.00

11. Petros Koublis, In Limbo, Greece 2011, 8.16

12. Nadine Arbeiter, Living in a Bubble, Germany 2012, 3.05

13. Peter Parlegreco, Elk City’s 2010, USA 2010-11, 5.26

14. Aleksandra Obradovic, X-treme 1, 2 & 3, Serbia 2011, 1.50

Duration: 61 min

Saturday 7 July, Amfeia’s Square, 9.30 p.m.

How to Art

The world of global art keeps expanding in the digital times, and thus its volume has increased beyond
imagination. There are voices already speaking of a digital cacophony. At the same time, relevant questions
have been multiplied too: Is this art, how do you create art, how do you confront a work of art or an artistic
gesture, what is the role of a curator and how does the notorious “art market” works? Everything you need
(or never wanted) to know for the magnificent world of contemporary art!

1. Constantinos Koulakmanidis, Tape dish fixation, Greece 2012, 2.11

2. Shahar Marcus, The Curator, Israel 2011, 4.35

3. Neno Belchev, Dresden Hand, Bulgaria 2010, 8.22

4. Oscar Salamanca, Salsita vs Moma, Colombia 2012, 9.32

5. Maximilian Schmötzer  & Heitzhausen Fabian, The conversation, Germany 2011, 1.32

6. Dan Boord/Marilyn Marloff/Luis Valdovino, Return to the World of Dance, USA 2011, 7.00

7. José Vieira, The Operation, Portugal 2011, 1.51

8. Alice Souma, Untitled, Greece 2011, 1.08

9. Paul Wiersbinski, King Nothing, Germany 2008, 6.53

10. Shahar Marcus, Leap of faith, Israel 2010, 3.03

11. Andreas Goldfuss, My apologies, Canada 2009, 0.10

Duration: 47 min


With a clear reference to George Orwell’s novel “1984”, this program is Festival Miden’s call to an
approach of the future and its dystopian possibility. A futurism that is not confined in an unworldly
architecture and the ruins of the past but extends to the expressions of the face. A brief history of the
future, right here and now.

1. Werner Biedermann, The Metrics of Coincidence, Germany 2012, 4.00

2. Emanuele Dainotti, Genesi di una Luce al buio, Italy 2011, 8.48

3. Tanja Deman, Abode of Vacancy, Netherlands/Croatia 2011, 7.15

4. Matthew Denniss, The Utopian buck stops here, UK 2012, 4.30

5. Patrick Gofre, No name no title, Netherlands 2011, 4.02

6. Mattias Härenstam, Closed Circuit (In the middle of Sweden), Sweden/Germany 2011, 3.01

7. Beate Hecher & Markus Keim, All lnclusive, Austria 2012, 8.00

8. Qian Li, Ocean, USA/China 2011, 1.00

9. Christoph Oertli, The ground is moving, Switzerland/Belgium 2010, 10.00

10. Edward Ramsay-Morin, The Titan, USA 2011, 4.45

11. Heidi Stokes, A picture of Tomorrows world, UK 2011, 3.37

12. Sara Francesca Tirelli, Future is Primitive, Italy 2010, 4.04

13. Danny Warner, Aphasia V, USA/Finland 2012, 1.28

14. Bill Psarras, Apollo Poetics, UK 2011, 4.35

Duration: 70 min

Screening B

Thursday 5 July, 9.30 p.m.

Cologne OFF: 60×60 – 1#minuteCologne

CologneOFF and 1#minuteCOLOGNE (Cologne One Minute Film Festival) present 60×60, a special selection of
1minute videos, curated by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne, with whom Festival Miden cooperates for the 4th time.

1. Antony Rousseau (France), Climax, 2006

2. Sonja Vuk (Croatia), My Way, 2005

3. Angela Washko (USA), Give Stripes, Pretty Khaki, 2010

4. Unity Art Nabiha & Thom (Germany), Yellow Chain Dance, Penang Malaysia 2009

5. Sahra Bhimji (USA), La Ghost, 2008

6. Sreedeep (India), 1 minute crash,course on SEDUCTION, 2009

7. Ron Diorio (USA), Night Light, 2008

8. Bill Domonkos (USA), Wormwhole, 2008

9. Lukas Mateijka (Slovakia), 20m, 2008

10. Simone Stoll (Germany), The Crow, 2009

11. Kika Nicolela (Brazil), Windmaker, 2009

12. Harriet Macdonald (UK), Another Year Gone, 2008

13. Alex Lora (Spain), So Much Love, 2009

14. Katherine Sweetman (USA), Dating in LA, 2009, 1:00

15. Kriss Salmanis (Latvia), The Shower, 2007

16. Mores McWreath (USA), The Egg, 2008

17. Diogo Pessoa de Andrade (Portugal) , Gesture of Love, 2011

18. Junho Oh (South Korea), My identity by web application, 2010

19. Ana Brotas/ Joana Gomes dos Santos (Portugal), ABC whistling, 2012

20. Karlos Alastruey (Spain), S1,S4 reflections, 2010

21. Jack Brandtman (Australia), Nightlife, 2010

22. Ulf Kristiansen (Norway), The Hope of Enduring Long, 2010

23. Antti Savela (Sweden), Mother, 2007

24. Andrea Zrno (Croatia), Is this your language?, 2009

25. Agricola de Cologne (Germany), Burning Phantom, 2009

26. Victoria S. Weible (USA), Memory, 2009

27. Helena Alvesalo (Sweden), Microfilm 5, 2012

28. Lilia Perez Romero (Mexico), Pills, 2010

29. Minso Kim (South Korea), Is this mine?, 2009

30. Filip Jacobson (Poland), Is it the end?, 2012

31. Lemeh42 (Italy), Image de la Plaine, 2009

32. Mohammed Harb (Palestine), Death tunnel, 2011

33. Kaspars Groshevs (Latvia), Tomorrow, 2007

34. Adam Dragojevic (Serbia), Sweet Memory, 2010

35. Gergely Erdely (Hungary), Myth, 2010

36. Nikesh Shukla (UK), The Great Identity Swindle, 2009

37. Nitin Das (India), Benefits of War, 2008

38. Nenko Genov (Bulgaria), Tomates Eat You, 2010

39. Vera Todorova (Bulgaria), Video II, 2010

40. Alison Beda (USA), Just a Minute, 2008

41. Hervé Constant (UK), 59 Steps, 2006

42. Xiaowen Zhu (China), Caroussel Travel, 2010

43. Henry Gwiazda (USA), Claudia & Paul 4:55 p.m, 2009

44. Fabrizio Bellomo (Italy), The Most Beautiful View of Milan, 2011

45. Olga and Tatiana Poliektova (Russia), Inspiration, 2010

46. Pramod Saahoo (India), Wake Up Call, 2011

47. Gruppo Sinestetico (Italy), Anche un parole uccidona, 2007

48. Veena Shekar (India), We are different because we were made differently, 2009

49. Myriam Thyes (Switzerland), Janus Goddess Flies over Malta , 2011

50. Hamza Halloubi (Morocco), Untitled, 2009

51. Basir Mahmood (Pakistan), Dot in The Line, 2011

52. Pierre Laurent Cassière (France), Mimnemesis, 2006

53. Lin Fangsuo (China), White, 2008

54. Katherine Oggier Chanda (Switzerland), Squeaky Clean, 2010

55. Johanna Reich (Germany), Blast, 2008

56. Adrian Zalewski (Poland), Title: I Once Wasn’t Dead, 2010

57. Yin,Ling Chen (Taiwan), A Face, 2009

58. Baptist Coelho (India), Crosslegged, 2008

59. Drew Hamilton (USA), Stret Corner project, 2012

60. István Rusvai (Hungary), Pass, 2009

Duration: 61 min


Madatac Festival (Madrid, Spain) presents a caustic, peculiar, critical and enticing tribute to “flesh-video”
audio-visual projects produced by Spanish artists or in Spanish territory, where verity and oneiric visions
collide and are expanded towards heterogeneous ways of watching unveiled emotions. Curated by Iury
Lech, director of Madatac.

1. Albert Merino (Spain), Hidden Mud, 2010, 7.42
Most promising video artist Madatac 03 Award

2. Matías Montarcé (Spain), The Bathroom Tale, 2009, 4.30
Special audience Madatac 02 Award

3. Veronica Marquez (Uruguay/Spain), Saturday Saints, 2010, 4.25
Madatac/Metropolis 02 Award

4. Juan Carlos Sanchez Duque (Spain), Still Nature, 2011, 9.11
Most innovative digital work Madatac 03 Special Mention

5. Ana Esteve Reig (Spain), Bad Romance, 2011, 3.08

6. Denica Sabeva (Bulgaria/Spain), Liquid Dreaminess, 2008, 5.00
Most promising video artist Madatac 01 Award

7. Gerard Freixes (Spain) The Homogenics, 2008, 3.30
Most innovative digital work Madatac 03 Award

8. Omar Jerez/Pablo del Real (Spain), Odyssey of the impossible, 2011, 3.11

9. Juanma Carrillo (Spain), Dishonoured Bodies, 2010, 11.48
Best video art work Madatac 02 Award

10. Lyda Patitucci & Thomas Moke (Italy/Spain), White Rabbit, 2010, 4.30

11. Marius Leneweit & Rocío Rodríguez (Germany/Venezuela/Spain), NILAND 2, 2011, 9.56

Duration: 69 min

Actus – a short film by Kika Nicolela

Definitions of the latin word “actus”
act| performance | delivery; action| deed; series/sequence; drive| urge| conduct; spend; deliver (speech)

A couple trapped in a discussion about a birthday cake and nail polishers. Actus explores the blurred lines between
reality and simulation. Departing from the idea of representation, time and space is manipulated in order to provoke a
fissure in the otherwise stable relationship between spectator and spectacle.

Kika Nicolela is a Brazilian artist and filmmaker. Her works include single-channel videos, installations,
performances, experimental documentaries and photography. Since 2008, Kika Nicolela also curates and coordinates
the Exquisite Corpse Video Project, an ongoing collaborative series of videos that involves more than 70 artists from
25 countries.

Duration: 17 min


Friday 6 July, 9.30 p.m.

ATOPIA: Video Art from Norway

ATOPIA presented a 68min screening program dedicated to the history of video-art in Norway, curated
by Farhad Kalantary especially for Festival Miden.

ATOPIA’s screening program brings together a number of key historical works produced between 1960 and
90 in Norway. These works were part of ATOPIA’s larger survey project “Retrospective: Film & Video
Art Norway”, a long-term research involving exhibitions, screenings, seminars and publications. The first
exhibition “Retrospective Part I: Film and Video Art in Norway, 1960-90” was presented last Spring at
Stenersen Museum and the exhibition’s catalogue, which is a bilingual book in Norwegian and English, is
without a doubt a significant tool of information on the history of film and video art in Norway.

A selection from the works presented in the exhibition –the highlights of the period- was screened at
Festival Miden:

1. Erik Borge, Nedfall (Fallout), 35mm, Colour, Sound, 11 min. 1964

2. Rolf Aamot, Evolusjon (Evolution), 2-inch quad videotape, B/W, Sound, 8 min. 1966

3. Arild Kristo, Kristoball, 35mm, B/W, Sound, 11 min. 1967

4. Laurie Grundt & Eva Acking, Rosen (The Rose), 16mm, Colour, Sound, 8 min. 1969

5. Kjartan Slettemark, Nixon Visions, 16mm, Colour, Sound, 4 min. 1971

6. Marianne Heske, A Video Point of View, video, B/W, Sound, 3 min. 1977

7. Jeremy Welsh, I.O.D, U-Matic, Colour, Sound, 5 min. 1982

8. Terje Munthe, Video Audio Ago, VHS, Colour, Sound, 2.30 min. 1983

9. Kjell Bjørgeengen, Night Round 2, U-Matic, Colour, Sound, 3 min. 1984

10. Inghild Karlsen, Running, 8mm film, B/W, Silent, 7 min. 1988

11. Torhild Aukan, Tjønna (The Pond), 16mm, B/W, Sound, 5 min. 1989-90

Duration: 68 min

ATOPIA is an Oslo based artist initiative – an art/research centre and a gallery- dedicated to the
development of experimental film & video art in Norway. It was founded in 2003 by four Oslo based artists:
Annebeth G.Hansen, Inger Lise Hansen, Michel Pavlou, Farhad Kalantary. Since then, ATOPIA has
developed into a professional center for film & video art in Oslo, and it is now an umbrella for several
ongoing projects focused on artists’ film and video works. Through its various projects ATOPIA has
organized exhibitions, screenings, forums and seminars as well as publications, both inside and outside of
Norway. ATOPIA functions as a non-commercial art centre sponsored by the Art Council, Norway.

The presentation of ATOPIA in Festival Miden 2012 was kindly supported by the Norwegian Embassy in
, the Norwegian Institute at Athens and OCA.

Art:screen: In This World

Art:screen is an event and platform that showcases new, innovative and contemporary moving image
from Swedish and international artists in single-channel screening programs consisting of a number of
short works.
Art:screen is founded by Jonas Nilsson & Eva Olsson, who curated for Festival Miden a selection of works
by Swedish artists, on the theme ‘In This World’. The program visualizes the changing forms of limitless
imaginaries – often combining elements of video art and documentary film, which are exploring new ways
of seeing reality and nature from a cultural, social and individual aspect. Structures of power, humor and
bizarre stories are sometimes used to emphasize new insights.

1. Dan Lestander, Dreams and Wishes, 2009, 4.19

2. Elin Bruun-Nystedt, Frasse and I, 2009, 2.05

3. Sara Lundberg, CORDS (hear us and have mercy), 2008, 3.14

4. Malin Andersson, Cassock, 2009, 2.58

5. Eva Olsson, The Capsule, 2009, 1.18

6. Björn Perborg, The Trip To America, 2008-2009, 2.14

7. Nina Lassila, Woman with knife?, 2009, 1.49

8. Nicola Bergström Hansen, Excavation No.2, 2009, 5.00

9. Dana Sederowsky, Special announcements edition four, 2009, 1.35

10. Stina Pehrsdotter, BEAT EAT, 2009, 3.00

11. Jonas Nilsson, Seclusion II, 2011, 3.54

Duration: 33 min

NOVA: The Right Way to Be

“The Right Way to Be” is a screening of works by artists participating in Northern Video Art Network
NOVA. Curated by Kristin Scheving and Juha van Ingen, who write about their selection:

“The selection of work are all of performative nature and deal with different issues but what they all have
in common is reflection on humanity, interaction with other people via urban space, in the nature or via
internet! For many Nordic artists Nature plays a big part like in the work ´Her´ by Icelandic artist Thora
Solveig Bergsteinsdóttir which is filmed in Iceland, and has a feeling of emptyness, powerfulness and
social issues. Hops Hopsi by Hulda Rós Gudnadóttir has got a surreal feeling to it like Gustaf Broms´s
work ´The sitting´, both filmed in public space but with a lack of interaction with other people, in
Gudnadóttir´s film because it is a deserted theme parc, but in Broms´s work because of the feeling of the
center of the film belonging to another world. The contradistinction between desire and loss. A
visualization of feelings created by making hard decisions, and about working through difficulties is the
core of Stina Pehrsdotters personal and almost disturbing ´Urging Absence´. ´Streymi´ by María
Dalberg and ´Iris´ by Dodda Maggý both have a very prominent playfulness and really take you on a
nostalgic trip. ´Mind´ by Heidi Kilpeläinen and ´The Right Way to Be´ by Tero Puha both have a
reflection on society today where it feels as they could be (and are) home-made films, made for skype or a
communication via skype, what people use everyday in every corner of the planet. And finally found
footage work ´The Third Man´ by Erik Bünger, which is also a reflection of modern society where we are
imposed to more information than we possibly can handle and have to take things for granted.”

1. Thora Solveig Bergsteinsdottir (IS): Her (2008), 4.16

2. Hulda Rós Gudnadóttir (IS): Hops Hopsi (2010), 2.52

3. Gustaf Broms (SE): The sitting (2007), 7.40

4. María Dalberg (IS): Streymi (2009), 3.08

5. Stina Phersdotter (SE): Urging Absence (2009), 3.00

6. Tero Puha (FI): The Right Way to Be (2005), 5.05

7. Erik Bünger (SE): The Third Man (2010), 7.00 (excerpt of originally a 50 min. lecture Performance)

8. Dodda Maggý (IS): Iris (2006), 4.30

9. Heidi Kilpeläinen aka HK119 (FI): Mind (2008), 3.00

Duration: 42 min

NOVA is a FixC cooperative project made in collaboration with 700IS and Formverk (art zone). It is a
new web-based platform for artists working with video- media art and experimental cinema to show and
promote their works and to post current info of their screenings and exhibitions. NOVA is a non-profit
project which is built utilizing open source applications. The network focuses on the promotion of video
artists from the Nordic countries. Initially opened with artists from Finland, Iceland and Sweden and more
recently from Norway and Denmark.

Saturday 7 July, 9.30 p.m.

Local calling!

Works by artists and creators who come from, have lived or have any kind of love-hate relationship with the
city Kalamata (GR). An ongoing project of Festival Miden, that aims to create a communication network
between artists that are connected or related to Kalamata (the birth city of the festival) in any way.

1. Sean Aita, I have never been to Kalamata, UK 2012, 5.52

2. Archivity Group, Dystopia, Greece 2012, 5.05

3. Vasiliki Lefkaditi, The paper, the pencil, the fly and the cousin, Greece 2012, 3.41

4. Meme, Meme, Greece 2012, 5.21

5. Evi Minou, Random Experiment, Greece 2012, 1.45

6. Evi Minou, Song of/for a stranger, Greece 2012, 1.50

7. Vaso Michalopoulou, Morning, Greece 2011, 3.57

8. Vasileios Bouzas, 09-11, Greece 2012, 2.30

9. Franzeska Doga, The shepherd, Greece 2011, 6.51

10. Mirto Fifa, Mist, Greece 2008, 5.25

Duration: 43 min

Now you see me… now you don’t

Snapshots, memories, spaces, movements and images that float between poetry and literacy, between
absence and presence. Through darkness and threat we move spirally to color and light and back again.

1. Jonas Nilsson, Comfortably numb, Sweden 2011, 2.45

2. Jonathan Moss, NYC I – Times Square, France 2011, 5.34

3. Draga Jovanovic, Your Self is a reflection of Myself, Canada 2011, 7.00

4. Matt Frieburghaus, Song, USA 2010, 3.02

5. Fred. L’Epée, In Exilum, Switzerland/ Greece 2012, 3.04

6. Bill Balaskas, Parthenon Rising (II), UK 2011, 2.45 (Courtesy of Kalfayan Galleries (Athens – Thessaloniki)

7. Santiago Parres (EZO), Dove, Spain 2011, 2.40

8. Edyta Masior, (un)natural disaster, Greece 2009, 1.13

9. Georgia Lale, Poppy – Lale, Greece 2011, 2.49

10. Jude Anogwih, Stop, Nigeria 2009, 2.05

11. Alexander Miehle, PopUp-Windows, Germany 2011, 2.45

12. Vesna Milicevic, Blossom, Serbia 2012, 1.15

13. Gérard Cairaschi, Silences, France 2012, 11.30

14. JimJak, HitMeDarkly, Spain 2011, 2.54

15. Anny Pavlidou, Trophic chain, Greece 2009, 0.43

16. Shaun Wilson, Uber Memoria XXI #01, Australia 2012, 1.00

Duration: 60 min

The game of poverty: a documentary

The game of poverty: a documentary by Ilias Marmaras/Dimitris Daldakis/Emmanouil Koutsourelis (Greece 2011)

This video documentary is based on a radio documentary directed by Emmanouil Koutsourelis and written by Ilias
Marmaras and Dimitris Daldakis. The radio version was nominated for the Prix Europa 2011 in Berlin.

Dimitris Daldakis explains the concept of the documentary:

Poverty seems to follow man unwaveringly. Since his early days until today and, despite his bright conquests in
experience and in science, he continues to form societies that are unjust, aggressive and fragmented.
We discover that the basic, deepest goal of man is to amass an abundance of wealth at the expense of his fellow man.
We discover that at the carefully staged and carried out rivalries produced by Religion, Politics and Economy, in a
word, by any type of power, there are, always, a few gorged winners and countless hungry losers. We discover that it
is not the natural game of survival that defines us, but a sophisticated game of exploitation and, in the end, of misery.
In our times, repeatedly and in all the more alarming frequency, we see the word crisis coming up. Crisis means
poverty. The distinctive face of poverty comes again to remind us of Man.
The economic policy aiming at the well-being of the one or of the many has become a profit-seeking enterprise at the
expense of the one or of the many. The mutation of survival into exploitation has brought about the mutation of
economy into gambling. And since, nowadays, when we say society, we mean a global society, global is the crisis and
global is the poverty.
The distance has been eliminated, our vision has been sharpened and we can see our poor brother at the far corner of
the earth.
Even the -until recently- powerful, strong, Chosen West is experiencing in a tragic way the consequences of power
games, of the game of poverty.
In these times of utter destabilization of lives and possibilities, we are witnessing, in our own poor “neighbourhood”
of Europe, the transformation of what started off as a vision and a chance for growth into an agony, a question mark
and, finally, a decline. The very foundations of European collaboration are wobbling; the dynamics of the common
currency seem to be fizzling out. The European Union doubts its own self.
Amidst this frame context of finance fashion, we have forgotten the meaning of primary needs. And so we, all, poor
players, found ourselves betting on who is to crumble down and who is to remain standing.
In this background of generalized concern for the future of modern man, of the generalized concern for the future of
modern Europe, Ilias Marmaras and Dimitris Daldakis present the video documentary ‘The Game of Poverty’.

Duration: 35 min



CACT/SΜCA: Animacall, the animation project 2011 at the Archaeological Museum of Messenia

Main program. Projection of 80 animation videos in alphabetical order (duration 4 hours appr.)

Animacall, the animation project 2011 is a production of Contemporary Art Center of Thessaloniki of
the State Museum of Contemporary Art and it was first presented in 2011.
The main program came out of a worldwide open call to Greek and foreign animators in the framework of
the tribute to the art of animation run by Contemporary Art Center of Thessaloniki of the State Museum of
Contemporary Art (March 30 – June 5, 2011).


Participant artists:

Katerina Athanasopoulou, Greece | José Ángel Alayón Dévora Spain | Anna Ambariotou, Greece | Francisco
Javier Ara Santos, Spain | Aristotelis Armaos, Greece | Thomas Vallianatos, Greece | Pirjetta Brander,
Finland | Peter Budinsky, Slovakia | John Butler Scotland, UK | Ali Cabbar Brussels, Istanbul | Jane
Cheadle, S. Africa | Donald Daedalus, USA | Iain Gardner Scotland, UK | Shlomit Ginton, Israel | Anitra
Hamilton Toronto, Canada | Mark Harasimowicz, UK | Christopher Holloran & Andrea Zavala Folache, UK
& Spain | Sachiyo Honda, Japan | Ioanna Themeli, Greece | George Theonas, Greece | Petra Innanen,
Finland | Hanne Ivars, Finland | Shelley Jordon Portland, USA | Lesley Kaiser & Logan Austin Auckland,
N. Zealand | Eleni Kamma Cyprus, Greece | Irini Karayannopoulou, Greece | Andreas Karaoulanis, Greece |
Ioannis Karpouzis, Greece | Soyeon Kim, Korea | Anna Kleberg Stockholm, Sweden | Michal & Uri Kranot,
Israel | Voula Koutsoumani, Greece | Kohila Kurunathan Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Canada | Eleni
Konstantinidi, Greece | Audrey Lam, Australia | Anna Lascari, Greece | Eric Leiser, USA | Rita Leppiniemi,
Finland | Maria Lianou, Cyprus, Greece | Mike Maryniuk & Matthew Rankin, Canada | Dimitris
Mavrogiannidis (Dimos), Greece | Megan and Murray McMillan, USA | Jonathan Monaghan, USA |
Myrmigi design house Athens, Greece | NOMINT, Greece | Eva Olsson, Sweden | Petros Papadopoulos &
Zina Papadopoulou, Greece | Kostas Peppas, Greece | Marcella Piccinini, Italy | David Pierce, USA |
Charalampos Politakis, Greece | Mariagrazia Pontorno, Italy | Thanasis Radoglou, Greece | Marco Raparell,
Italy | Janis Rafailidou, Greece |

Curators: Syrago Tsiara, CACT director / Domna Gounari, CACT curator. |

Screening dates and hours at the Archaeological Museum of Messenia:
Thursday 5 July (14.00-18.00), Friday 6 and Saturday 7 July 2012 (12.00-16.00)

The Archaeological Museum is housed in the building of the Old Municipal Market at Benakis & Agiou
Ioannou at Kalamata (Historic Centre, near Agii Apostoli).

The event is co-organized with the Archaeological Museum of Messenia

Anim[n]ation at the 6th Kalamata Street Festival, 27-29 July 2012, Kalamata Railway Park

Animation in multiple versions & techniques is a common global language. Animators from 20 countries
met in an extra program of Festival Miden, which was screened for the first time in the frame of an
alternative youthful event that has been established in Kalamata.

Street Festival began in October 2009 as an idea that came to life in open public spaces of Kalamata, hosting
a series of events, and this year becomes international. It is an initiative of Kalamata’s Youth Center,
realized with the support of multiple local organizations.

1. Teeter-totter-tam (Constantine Konovalov & Irina Neustroeva), I LOOK&MOVE, Russia 2011, 1.30

2. Max Hattler, Aanaatt, Germany/Japan/UK 2008, 4.45

3. Sara Cunha, Wandering, Portugal 2011, 0.57

4. Yair Gordon, The Black Box, Israel 2011, 4.17

5. Lucija Mrzljak, Bird, Croatia 2011, 5.07

6. NOMINT, Tonight, Greece 2011, 2.05

7. Pablo Rosero, Nebula Hmlovina, Equador 2011, 6.07

8. Payal Kapadia, Weapons of Mass Destruction, India 2012, 3.00

9. Alexandr Isaenko, Calendar, Ukraine 2012, 3.51

10. Carl Knickerbocker, SP#3, USA 2011, 3.00

11. Barbara Marcel, A tooth is a tooth is a tooth, Germany 2011, 5.00

12. Max Hattler, 1925 aka Hell, Denmark/Germany/UK 2010, 1.36

13. Mazlo Chloe, Word in progress, France 2010, 4.20

14. Emilio Rizzo, Tales for a Sleepless Solitude… “The Story of Dreams”, Italy 2009, 2.38

15. Malcolmo (Marco Tavolaro), The Water That Didn’t Fall, Italy 2008, 2.07

16. Tomasz Wlazlak, Tableau Vivant, Poland 2011, 1.20

17. Sandra Ghosn, Bombs, France/Lebanon 2011, 5.30

18. Gerald Zahn, The tourists arrive!, Austria 2012, 6.40

19. Eleni Miltsi, Abeyance, Greece 2011, 6.31

20. Teresa Paiva, Unquiet, UK/Netherlands/Portugal 2011, 7.00

21. Henning M. Lederer, MASS, Germany 2011, 5.58

22. Emilios Theofanous, Spare Parts, Greece 2009, 3.55

23. Benjamin Fox, Wounds, UK 2012, 2.38

24. Susanne Wiegner, At the museum, Germany 2012, 3.00

25. Galazoula Maria, Ήλιος, Greece/Poland 2011, 0.44

26. Ana Ogrin, Turn off your brain!, Slovenia 2012, 3.40

Duration: 100 min

Screening: 28/7/2012, 9 p.m.
Place: Kalamata Railway Park

Creative team Festival Miden 2012:


Curators: Gioula Papadopoulou – Giorgos Dimitrakopoulos

Curator of “[Un]natural disaster”: Stavros Kapetis

Curator of “YOU & i”: Maria Bourika

Tributes & collaborations: Gioula Papadopoulou

Technical support – video editing: Stavros Kapetis

Graphics: T.N.

Website: Christos Tsamardas

Assistance: Margarita Stavraki, Sibel Amet, Stavroula Baka, Nikos Syrigos, Filaretos Vourkos, Olga Papadopoulou

Poster image credit: Patrick Gofre, No name no title, Netherlands 2011

Many thanks to:
Dimitris Economou, Maria Tsoulakou, Panayiota Tzamourani, Domna Gounari, Evi Papavergou, Theo Konstantopoulos, Filaretos Vourkos & Youth Center of Kalamata, Leonidas Papadopoulos, Sean Aita and our postman Giannis Strikos for their help

Collaborating groups, festivals, institutions:


Communication Sponsors:



With the support:

Under the auspices of the Municipality of Kalamata

Festival Miden is organized
by Sea Level
(urban, non-commercial company)