Festival Miden cooperates with the theatrical group 4Frontal for the presentation of a special videoart program as a parallel project/event to the forthcoming theatrical production of the group (Faust by Goethe).
We are addressing an open call to all artists from Greece and abroad to create and submit videos inspired by the famous painting “The wanderer above the mist” by Caspar David Friedrich (which was also an inspiration for the direction of Faust by 4Frontal).

4Frontal will curate the exhibition of the works at the theater, while Festival Miden will curate the video program. Further screenings of the program may be scheduled in other artspaces as well.

You can send the works (in screening quality) and the additional info via any free online service like wetransfer or Vimeo (in this case be sure that you have activated the donload option).

The download link, along with the filled entry form and a still image (videostill) should be sent at both 4Frontal and Festival Miden e-mails: 4frontaltheatre@gmail.com and festivalmiden@gmail.com
Submitting his/her work, the artist permits the presentation of the work in the frame of this project.

Deadline: October 31, 2014

Download the entry form here

You may find a helpful kit of images related to Friedrich’s painting here
Also, 4Frontal has already released an open call for photos on the same subject. More info at 4frontaltheatre@gmail.com