Miden travels to “Now & After 2016: Ecology Without Borders” at the State Darwin Museum in Moscow (22 October 2016 – 29 November 2016), presenting the thematic program “Exoticising/Exoticised“, curated by Sofia Grigoriadou.

In this particular set of videos, exoticism is approached through the gaze: the ways people look at others, the ways they are being looked at and also the ways they return the gaze. Can one stand the exoticized’s look staring back at them? The set raises questions regarding our participation to the reproduction of such relations today, the ways we exoticise, the ways we are being exoticised and the boundaries between the two.

Participant artists/ works:

1. Luca Ferri, Tottori, Italy/Japan 2015, 6.53
2. Hanna Ben-Haim Yulzari, Walking Woman, Israel 2009, 6.21
3. Tabita Rezaire, Bulletgaze.prproj, South Africa 2014, 2.34
4. Kristina Paustian, Positions, Germany, 2016, 9.32
5. Sylvia Winkler & Stephan Koeperl, Staring at the stranger for a long time, P.R.China 2007, 1.30
6. Hanna Ben-Haim Yulzari, Through Blink of an Eye, Israel 2010, 1.03
7. Dimitra Kondylatou, Interpretations: the question, Greece 2016, 6.12
8. Mauricio Saenz, Of islands and unicorns, Mexico 2015, 7.00
9. David Ortiz Juan, The Vertical bodies, Greece/Palestine 2015,15.58

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