Miden participates at Kinono_1_Tinos Art Gathering, presenting a selection of videoworks in the main art exhibition (August 12-23, Elementary School, Arnados, Tinos island, selected by Gioula Papadopoulou & Margarita Stavraki) and 2 more videoart programs (In Wonderland, curated by Nikos Podias, and SIX, curated by Gioula Papadopoulou) which will be screened on August 16, 20:00,  Meeting Point, Chora Tinou.

Setting visual arts as its main focus, but also incorporating music, dance, theatre and cinema, Kinono is realized for the first time this year in 6 different locations in Tinos island, aiming to create a live interactive platform of communication among artists, locals and visitors. In collaboration with the Festival of Drama, the Greek Film Centre, Athens School of Fine Arts (ASFA), festival Miden, local authorities and academics, the program of Kinono includes exhibitions, talks, workshops, concerts, short film screenings, videoart, theatre and dance performances.

Miden will present videoworks from the following artists at the main exhibition of Kinono (August 12-23): Anton Hecht, Christoph Oertli, Anna Macdonald & Paul Rogers, Miloushka Bokma

Info on the main art exhibition & full list of participant artists can be found here

Also, the following artists participate in the special screening  event on August 16:

In Wonderland: Yuliya Lanina, Carla Chan, Natalie Plaskura, Kirill Savateev, Isabel Perez del Pulgar, Rick Niebe, Mauricio Sanhueza, Daniel Moshel, Maria Korporal, Stephanie Winter

SIX: Mary Zygouri, Thanasis Tsimpinis, Petros Koublis, Manolis Iliakis, Martha Zoupa, Katerina Athanasopoulou

Info and the complete program of Miden screenings here

Press release here

For more info on the complete program of Kinono events please visit the official website