Miden travels to Espacio Enter festival, Tenerife, presenting 2 videoart programs that complete each other, both exploring borders & isolation in a globalized world.

Espacio Enter is taking place at TEA (Tenerife Espacio de las Artes), 12-18 of December, 2016.

Program 1: The world is not enough // curated by Gioula Papadopoulou

“Getting ready for an invisible enemy that never comes. Secret outlaw inhabitants in the woods. Practicing for a war against cardboard copies of yourself. A borderline, built and destroyed. A reconstruction war site in the form of a “Noncity”. A house and a flying iceberg as a metaphor of displacement. A large chewing mouth that can shallow you in the middle of an empty and quiet local street. Creating an atmosphere of fear & isolation, these artworks make us wonder about our relations to the other, the fear of the other, if there is a real enemy and, finally, who (or better yet “what”) the real enemy is.”

Participant artists: Kristina Paustian, Jan Brand, Shahar Marcus, Arnaud Brihay, Hanna Ben-Haim Yulzari, Mauricio Saenz, Mattias Härenstam

Program 2: Aperture // curated by Margarita Stavraki

“How the focus of attention, creates and discovers places with common characteristics and then isolates them from everything else. A dangerous game of communication and non-communication in a rich universe!”

Participant artists: Carla Chan, Jem Raid, Mario Santamaria, Teymur Daimi,  Przemek Wegrzyn, Samer Ghorayeb

More info: www.espacioenter.net

Press release here