Festival Miden presents a special tribute to Greek video art at Florianopolis, Brazil, invited by video art  festival Strangloscope.

6 videos from Greek artists were selected for this special presentation. The program is entitled SIX and is curated by Gioula Papadopoulou.

Participant artists/works:

1. Mary Zygouri, Zoopoetics | Zoopolitics, Greece/Italy 2007-10, 7.50
2. Thanasis Tsimpinis, DUST, Greece 2014, 7.45
3. Petros Koublis, In Limbo, Greece 2011, 8.16
4. Manolis Iliakis, IN BETWEEN, Greece 2008, 7.42 
5. Martha Zoupa, Metapoiesis, Greece 2012, 9.13
6. Katerina Athanasopoulou, Apodemy, Greece/UK 2012, 5.08

The screening will take place on Sunday, December 21 at 21.00
Place: Joaquina’s dunes, Florianopolis

More info about the program here