Festival Miden has been invited to present “Upstream Eyeglasses” (a theme program curated by Giorgos Dimitrakopoulos, first presented in Festival Miden 2010) at the International Short Film and Video Art Festival “VAU Fest”, at Ukrainka, Ukraine.

“VAU Fest” is realised in Ukrainka for the 2nd time. This year the Festival will take place on the 21 – 22 of May. The motto of the “VAU-2011” is “In Search of Goldfish”, and it is dedicated to the pioneers of avant-garde art and cinematography – Marcel Duchamp, Man Ray, Rene Clair and Louis Bunuel, with a special focus on their first experimental films. The Festival strives to attract the attention of a broad audience to the masterpieces of world experimental cinema.

More info at http://vaufest.com.ua/?lang=en