For three days, Fournos Centre for Digital Culture (Athens, Greece) redefines happiness through an art festival which is realised with the contribution of a large number of both acclaimed and young artists who present their work. “Project Happiness 2008” is on from Friday, January 18 to Sunday, January 20 .

The festival features works up to fifteen minutes each that focus on certain domains of art, such as dance, music, theatre, poetry, video and photography or make use of all of them together. The program of each day includes five shows while by the end of each evening a party is thrown.

In the context of “Project Happiness 2008”, Fournos presents a selection of videos from the archive of Festival Miden in two special screenings entitled Happiness?#1 and
Happiness?#2, curated by Gioula Papadopoulou.

Participant artists:

Happiness?#1, Sunday, January 20, 20.25
Johanna Lecklin, Tu Pei-Shih, Celine Trouillet, Will Forrester, Aki Nakazawa

Happiness?#1, Sunday, January 20, 00.15
Mia Chen, Erika Fraenkel, Giannis Konstantinou
More information on the program of “Project Happiness 2008”:

Download Festival Miden’s screening program here