Festival Miden will present a special screening program dedicated to performance art in the context of FONLAD festival, on April 20, 2012, at the House of the Arts, Coimbra, Portugal. The program, entitled “Daily routine / Hyperform”,  is curated by Margarita Stavraki.
“Daily routine / Hyperform” is a selection of videos that deals with common gestures, routine movements and ordinary elements of everyday life,  transforming them into sophisticated performances that criticize several aspects of human life. The videos were initially presented in Festival Miden’s theme program “Hyperform” in 2011.
Participating artists/videos: 
1. Uncut productions & Vanessa Spinassa, Housewife, Greece 2010, 6.36
2. Martin Messier, Autoportraits: Con Amore, Canada 2009, 3.34
3. Anton Hecht, Market Dance, UK 2010, 5.00
4. Rechter Yael, Sunny Side Up, USA 2009, 1.07
5. The ManosBuckius Cooperative (The MBC), The MBC @ the office, USA 2007, 3.07
6. Micheline Durocher, Lapse, Canada 2006, 1.32
Duration: 23 min

More info on FONLAD’s website: http://eamp.eu/fonlad/pt/historial.html