20/4 – 5/5/07

Festival Miden and Gioula Papadopoulou present “Stories next door”, a video art screening program in the context of the group exhibition “Next and Across”. The exhibition takes place in an old house in Athens (10, Alamanas str, Galatsi, 11146, Athens, Greece) from 20/4 to 5/5 and focuses on the concept of “neighborhood”, as a natural and cultural place of human life, exploring relations between “community”, “neighborhood”, “home” and “ego” through painting, photography, video, installations and parallel events (video art screenings, performances, movies and concerts).

“Stories next door” will be presented on Wednesday 25/5/07, at 20:00
The videos were selected from previous Festival Miden 2006
Participant artists: Kiki Petratou, Marios Alexopoulos, Manolis Dimellas, Danae Konstanta, Ioanna Myrka, Eileen Botsford, Gioula Papadopoulou, Katerina Gaka, Johanna Lecklin, Elli Vassalou, Maurizio Mercuri, Christiana Korontzi, Niki Bisylla, Tjader – Knight, Nafsika Riga and Nikos Karamanos.