Inspired from Italo Calvino’s novel “Invisible Cities”, Urban Vision and Sound Festival, is based on the civilisation that is developing in the urban surrounding expressed through the digital technology. Argos, the oldest constantly populated city of Europe, is the city that Argopolis will take place at 31th of August and 1st of September 2007. The visitor will experience a trip at the cities that he lives in, and has never noticed: cities & memories – cities & signs – hidden cities – imaginary cities.
Music, video art, comics, small length films, animation, architecture design, photography, graphic design, fanzine magazines and other cultural magazines, painting and many others events will help the imagination to view the invisible cities we all live in.

Festival Miden will present the showcase “Animation” (on both 31th of August and 1st of September), as presented in Festival Miden 2007 in Kalamata (6/7).

Participant artists:
Spiridon Paparoulias, Thomas Vallianatos, Sean Burn, Gokhan Okur, George Ungar, Martha Koumarianou, Cecile Milazzo, Robert Hecimovic, Eva Olsson, Fernando Pinheiro, Eleni Tsampra, Tzina Panagiotopoulou – Michalis Xirouchakis, JiHyun Ahn, Konstantinos Pardalis, Mauro Rescigno, Andrew Thomas, Eva Poulopoulou, Tu Pei-Shih, Babis Alexiadis Urban Vision and Sound Festival is realised under the aegis of UNESCO.