Festival Miden has been invited to present a selection of Greek videoart works under the theme of interaction between visual & sound at Videoforma festival, St.Petersburg.

Videoforma will take place at Sergey Kuryokhin Center for Modern Art (http://www.kuryokhin.net), 5-6 of December, 2014. Miden’s program, entitled “Do you hear the image moving?“, curated by Gioula Papadopoulou, will be screened on December 6.

The program introduces 8 videos by 8 Greek artists from the last 2 editions of Festival Miden in Kalamata, GR. The common element of the selected works, which vary in their visual form of expression, is the interaction between image and sound. They all use original sound and music written for the specific works. Or in some cases, the motion of the image seems to produce the sounds of the video. The dark contemporary “fairytales” of Mary Zygouri and Thanassis Tsimpinis, the abstract narrations of Aris Michalopoulos and Dimitris Traperas, the performative choreographies of Sofia Simaki and Iokasti Ioannou, the pixel animation of Martha Koumarianou and the playful, yet deeply ironic social criticism of Anna Vasof, are all based equally to image and sound to strengthen their content and concept.

List of participant artists/videos:

1. Mary Zygouri, Bull Market, Greece 2012, 5.50
2. Sofia Simaki, Recall of a funeral, Greece 2005, 2.00
3. Aris Michalopoulos, No In No Cent, Greece 2013, 4.27
4. Iokasti Ioannou, 12+1, Germany 2013, 2.50
5. Dimitris Traperas, Chaos theory – Butterfly effect, Greece 2014, 1.44
6. Anna Vasof, Fanfare Toilete, Greece 2012, 2.59
7. Martha Koumarianou, Pixel in the rain, Greece 2008, 2.44
8. Thanasis Tsimpinis, DUST, Greece 2014, 7.45

Download the program in pdf here