Video Art Miden presents a selection of video art works, under the theme Fear, on Friday 13th of December, at 10.30, at the 1st Painting Studio of Athens School of Fine Arts. The selection presents 10 video art works from 8 countries, which highlight and examine a series of fears, concerns and anxieties of our times, ranging from personal existential issues to a universal concern about the future of our world.


Fear  || Curated by Gioula Papadopoulou || duration: 40 min



Natasha Cantwell, Te Aroha, New Zealand 2013, 1.25 (Jeff)

Fotis Kolokithas, Point, Greece 2017, 2.25

Alexandre Alagôa, Vortex, Portugal 2017, 9.05

Bon Bon (Brigita Kazlauskaite), The Dimension. A clockwork humankind, Lithouania 2016, 2.30

Babis Venetopoulos, Fallen, Greece 2012, 4.45

Miloushka Bokma, WinterWende, Netherlands 2016, 5.00

Sergey Tsyss, Second Wind, Russia 2012, 6.24

Mansoor Mansoori, Fire and Ash, Ιndia 2018, 3.45

Tessa Ojala, Intolerance, Finland 2015, 2.39

Natasha Cantwell, Spinneret, Australia/ New Zealand 2018, 1.40