Video Art Miden has been invited to present a video art selection at this year’s Primarolia festival, which will take place in the city of Patras, Greece, from November 18 to December 3, 2023. This year’s theme of Primarolia is Glocalities. The exhibition and relevant events will take place at Villa Kolla and other premises of the University of Patras. Primarolia festival is organized by Primarolia Organization in co-organization with the Department of Tourism Management of the University of Patras, under the auspices of the Greek Ministry of Culture.

In this frame, Video Art Miden presents a panorama of contemporary video art from various different countries, entitled “Around the world”, a visual wandering around the globe through the works of artists from Japan, New Zealand, Australia, India, Iran, Mexico, Brazil, Canada, Morocco/France, Korea/Germany, Italy, Tunisia, China and Congo, tracing the particularities but also highlighting common places and concerns.

The selection, consisting of 14 video works, is curated by Gioula Papadopoulou & Olga Papadopoulou, artistic directors of Video Art Miden. Many renowned artists from abroad, academics and videos awarded in various events and festivals around the world participate. Among them, historical figures, such as Kirk Tougas, iconic figure of experimental cinema and video in Canada and founder of Pacific Cinematheque in Vancouver, Australian neuroscientist, academic, poet and new media artist Ian Gibbins (internationally recognized for both his scientific and his multi-faceted artistic work), the multi-awarded Japanese artist and professor Hiroya Sakurai, awarded artists Brit Bunkley from New Zealand and Mohamed Thara from Morocco and many more renown and emerging artists.

Around the world | Video Art Miden | Curated by Gioula & Olga Papadopoulou | Duration: 81min

  1. Hiroya Sakurai, The Stream XII, Japan 2022, 3.57
  2. Brit Bunkley, Dear Hart, How they dream. How we dream, New Zealand 2022, 3.42
  3. Devis Venturelli, Daedalus, Italy 2021, 11.00
  4. Mohamed Thara, The Second Zone, Morocco – France 2019, 11.45
  5. Maisha Maene, APA, Democratic Republic of Congo 2021, 4.00
  6. Debjit Bagchi, The House He Never Owned, India 2022, 1.00
  7. Marcos Bonisson, Korrupta, Brazil 2022, 3.30
  8. Elma Riza, Aïn / source, Tunisia – Berlin 2022, 10.42
  9. Ian Gibbins, and furthermore (indexed), Australia 2022, 4.57
  10. Reza Golchin, Rust, Iran 2022, 1.40
  11. Yang Tian, Heredity, China 2022, 3.25
  12. Kim-Chanmin, Hier und Dort, Korea-Germany 2022, 4.56
  13. Federico Cuatlacuatl, Timekeepers of the Anthropocene: TOLCHIKAUALISTLI, Mexico 2022, 9.16
  14. Kirk Tougas, the medium is the message, Canada 2022, 7.00

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