Kalamata Art Center invites Video Art Miden to present a tribute to Greek video art on Thursday, 21 of March 2019, 20:00 h. The tribute consists of a lecture on the evolution of video art in Greece and a screening program, presenting a selection of contemporary video art works, by acclaimed and emerging Greek artists.

Lecture: Evolution of video art in Greece (approx. duration: 30 min)

Screening program: Anatomy of silence (duration: 33 min)

Lecturer-curator: Gioula Papadopoulou


Anatomy of silence:

A selection of Greek video art, which gathers visual works that silently but sharply comment on human existence, through strong symbolic images and minimalistic actions.

  1. Babis Venetopoulos, Ship of Fools, Greece 2017, 3.32
  2. For Cancel [Takis Zerdevas, Zoi Pirini, Makis Faros], Through the wasteland, Greece 2018, 6.29
  3. Makis Faros, The will, Greece 2018, 4.01
  4. Gioula Papadopoulou, Fall, Greece 2018, 1.51
  5. Poly Kokkinia, Out my body, Greece 2005, 1.59
  6. Alexandros Kaklamanos, Skin Shedding, Greece 2016, 7.57
  7. Fotis Kolokithas, Point, Greece 2017, 2.25
  8. Yiannis Pappas, Reflex, Germany 2017, 1.34
  9. Anna Vasof, Popcorn Free Throws, Austria 2018, 1.32

Kalamata Art Center (Municipal Art Workshop – FARIS), 8 Navarinou str, coast of Kalamata.