Kalamata Art Center invites Video Art Miden and Margarita Stavraki, art director & curator of Miden, to curate a presentation about Performance Art, on Friday, 21 of February 2020, 9.00 p.m. Special guest speakers will be Margarita Kataga, curator and art historian, and Evangelia Basdekis, an important Greek performance artist, both founder members of Per Art Archives, an artistic group which is recording issues in relation to performance in Greece.


  • Short introduction to Performance Art and Video- Performance Art (Μ.Stavraki)
  • Can Performance be documented through photography? (Μ.Kataga)
  • The relationship of the archive to the theory and practice of contemporary & post-modern art (Ε.Basdekis)

Screening program

Act.., with or without expression || curated by Margarita Stavraki  || duration: 47 min

Artists: Gabriel Andreu (UK), Eduardo Herrera (Italy), Michele Manzini (Italy),Nuno Veiga (Portugal), Alexander Isaenko (Ukraine), Elisabetta Di Sopra (Italy), Miloushka Bokma (NL), Aleksandra Mlynarczyk-Gemza (Poland ), Gray Swartzel (USA).

More info about the screening program may be found here

Venue: Kalamata Art Center (Municipal Art Workshop – FARIS), 8 Navarinou str, coast of Kalamata.