Just a few days after it’s realization in Thessaloniki, the acclaimed Thessaloniki Documentary Festival travels to Kalamata, in collaboration with FILMHOUSE-Kalamata Film Club, Politistikos Antilogos, Tekmiriosis and Festival Miden.

The screening program presents a selection of recent documentaries by Greek authors, including: When a Song Begins” by Yiannis Pothos, Psy by Calliope Legaki, Sinful Skulls? by Manolis Dimellas, Burning from the inside by Marcia Tzivara, The Archaeologist by Kimon Tsakiris, Alive in the Concrete by Yiorgos Gounezos and Milad – My Planet… by Menelaos Karamagiolis

The event will take place at the amphitheatre of Ergatiko Kentro, Kalamata, on April 4, 2015, 16.00h, under the aegis of the Municipality of Kalamata.
Entrance is free.