The first presentation of “The wanderer above the mist” project will take place at “Theater of Neos Kosmos” on Sunday, November 9, 2014. Many artists from all over the world responded to the open call that Festival Miden released in collaboration with the theatrical group 4Frontal, inviting artists and directors to create videos inspired by the famous work “The wanderer above the mist” by Caspar David Friedrich.

Participant artists: Daniel Lewan, Hamidreza Dibazar &Farid Hamedi (Rohina), Félix Fernández, Jacob Cartwright, Justyna Misiuk, Kai Welf Hoyme, Γιούλα Παπαδοπούλου & Παναγιώτης Τέντες, Marcantonio Lunardi, Maria Korporal, Marina Fomenko, Marina Velez, Pierre et Jean Villemin, Salvatore Insana, Sana Ghobbeh, Simone Stoll, Yannick Dangin Leconte aka YDL, Dimitrios Karatzas, Barbara Brugola, claRa apaRicio yoldi, Gerwin Luijendijk, Jeroen Cluckers & Wout Lievens, Katarzyna Rumińska, Felix Frederick, Yvana Samandova & Borjan Zarevski (bARuT), Theatrical Group – Department Of Theater Studies, Fred L’Epee, Yiannis Pappas, Cristina Pavesi, Claudia Cardenas & Rafael Schlichting, Dimitris Zouras, Ioannis Voulgaris, Constantine Nissidis

The screening will take place at “Theater of Neos Kosmos”, Antisthenous 7 & Tharyttou str, Neos Kosmos, Athens, 15.00-19.00h
Total duration of the selection: 150 min

The program is curated by Gioula Papadopoulou
Screenings organized by: 4Frontal
Idea & project coordination: Georgina Kakoudaki

Download the analytical screening program here