As part of the educational program  “If it was you…” , a  program on human rights and refugee issues, supported by the Greek Network for Theater in Education, Video Art Miden will present a selection of videos, which will be presented in high schools in Kalamata and discussed by Margarita Stavraki, curator & art director of Miden, with high school students.


Lisi Prada, [meine heimat]
Christina Dimakogianni, The Journey
Mauricio Saenz, Insular
Przemek Wegrzyn, Security Measures
Daphna Mero, Migration

The action is realised in the frame of Festival of Schools: Monologues from the Aegean, which will be presented on Sunday, 19th of March 2017, 18.00h at the Amphitheatre “Theodoros Angelopoulos”, Kalamata, GR – Entrance free